Alpine & Para Alpine


Sport History

Skiing was developed as far back as 5000 years ago with the Norwegians believed to be the first to strap on rudimentary skis as a way of hunting across snow covered terrain. Alpine skiing evolved from the early cross-country sport, which had evolved within Scandinavia and Russia, to the first primitive downhill competition held in Oslo in the 1850s. Decades later the sport spread to the remainder of Europe and to North America and in 1936 alpine skiing became an Olympic event. Since this time, alpine skiing has grown not only on a worldwide stage, but has become a very popular recreational sport and a high profile competitive sport in Canada.

Alpine skiing has been a prominent part of the Canada Games since its inception in 1967 in Québec City. It has remained a part of every Canada Winter Games with the exception of Prince Edward Island in 1991. Para-alpine made its debut at the Canada Winter Games in 2011.


Alpine teams are made of seven males and seven females. Para-Alpine teams are comprised of two males and two females. 



AB, BC, ON, QC: U16 Age Category – Athletes born in 2003-2004
MB, NB, NL, NS, PE, SK, NT, NU, YT: U16 Age Category + max two (2) non-FIS U18 athletes – Athletes born in 2003-2004 + max two (2) athletes born in 2001-2002

12 to 30 years old: Athletes born from 1988 to 2006 inclusively.

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Notable Alumni

  • Greg Athans
  • Felix Belczyk
  • Rob Boyd
  • Allison Forsyth
  • Lissa Savijarvi
  • Jan Hudec
  • Anna Goodman
  • Louis-Pierre Helie

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