Cross Country Skiing


Sport History

Although cross country skiing originated many centuries ago in Scandinavia, it has only become popular as a competitive sport in Canada over the past half century.  

By the late 70’s the sport itself was witnessing a significant change.  The traditional style of skiing using set tracks and variations of the diagonal and double pole stride gave way to the skate technique.  At the international level, the governing body mandated that a 50/50 balance in techniques make up the World Cup circuit.  Although more changes have occurred in race formats since then, the concept of balance between the traditional style of skiing that features grip wax under the foot and glide wax on a skis tips and tails and skating technique that features glide wax from tip to tail, has been maintained.

Cross country skiing has been a part of the Canada Games since the first Canada Games in 1967. 

Notable Alumni

  • Perianne Jones
  • Emily Nishikawa
  • Graham Killick
  • Jess Cockney
  • Chandra Crawford
  • Brian McKeever
  • Dasha Gaiazova
  • George Grey
  • Kevin Sandau
  • Michael Sompi

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