Sport History

With four Olympic appearances and continued growth in popularity of events, such as the X-Games, snowboarding is no longer considered the ‘new kid on the block’. However, it does continue to attract a reputation as the most dynamic, progressive and influential of winter sports.

It would be nearly impossible to credit the builder of the first snowboard ever made because for as long as children have played snow, they are sure to have attempted to balance standing up while riding their sleds on backyard hills. The first marketed snowboard though, was invented in 1965.

The “Snurfer”, created by Sherman Poppen of Muskegon, Michigan, started out as two skis bound together and ‘stabilized’ by the rider holding onto a rope attached to the front.  The snurfer started a 60’s surf-inspired winter revolution, with over half a million of the ‘toys’ being sold.

Notable Alumni

  • Ross Rebagliati
  • Mark Fawcett
  • Trevor Andrew
  • Maëlle Ricker
  • Tara Teigen
  • Mark McMorris

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