Sport History

Squash developed from the game of rackets and is said to have begun at Harrow School in England in the mid-19th century. There was a court in most of the boarding houses, the Headmaster’s having two. As no standard pattern existed, some of the courts had many hazards in the form of windows, doors, pipes, etc. Students started a knockabout game which, because it was played in a confined area, required a softer ball than the hard one used for rackets. It was from this ball that could be ‘squashed’ in the hand, that the name derived.

The first squash courts in Canada, built in the early 1900’s, were privately owned and probably made of wood. Today the courts are of prefabricated space-age materials with wooden floors and special kinds of plaster on the walls to ensure a smooth, hard, non-sweating surface.

Squash made its debut at the 1991 Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island, and has been part of every Winter Games since then.

Notable Alumni

  • Danielle Letourneau
  • Hollie Naughton
  • Colin West
  • Nicholas Sachvie
  • Laura Gemmell
  • Samantha Cornett
  • Stephanie Edmison
  • Marnie Baizley
  • Ian Power
  • Viktor Berg

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