Synchronized Swimming


Sport History

While there is evidence of swimmers performing ballet-like maneuvers in the water in ancient times, the origin of synchronized swimming as an organized, competitive sport dates to earlier this century. In the 1920s, a group of Canadian women, led by national caliber water polo player and diver Margaret Sellers, developed what they called 'ornamental swimming’ from life-saving and swimming techniques.

Originally known as water ballet, synchronized swimming began in Canada in the 1920s. It spread to the United States in the early '30s, where a display at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair drew rave reviews. Its popularity soared further when Esther Williams performed in a string of MGM "aqua musicals" in the 1940s and '50s.

Synchronized swimming was first contested at the inaugural Quebec City Games in 1967. 

Notable Alumni

  • Jojo Carrier-Thivierge
  • Madeleine Ramsey
  • Sylvie Fortier 
  • Denise Sauvé
  • Sarah-Eve Pelletier 
  • Eve Lamoureux 
  • Jo-Annie Fortin 
  • Stéphanie Leclair 
  • Camille Bowness 
  • Marie-Lou Morin 
  • Stéphanie Durocher
  • Jacqueline Simoneau 
  • Anne-Marie Chouinard 
  • Camille Remillard 
  • Lisa Sanders 
  • Olivia Zawadiuk 

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