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Canada Games Council Board of Directors Nomination Form

Prior to completing this application form, prospective candidates are encouraged to review the Canada Games Council’s Board Executive Brief, which serves to provide an overview of the Council’s Governance structure and the roles and expectations of Directors.

Prospective candidates are required to complete/submit the following information to the Nominations Chair, by midnight April 30th, 2018:

1) A copy of your CV, highlighting your professional and volunteer work experience.

2) The Canada Games Council Board of Directors nomination form, outlining your skills, and expertise that would contribute to the effective leadership and governance of the CGC and Canada Games Movement.

3) Each nomination / candidature must be supported by two (2) endorsers, who are either a CGC member, stakeholder, and/or key partner.

4) A Letter of Support from at least of one of your endorsers as provided in your nomination form.

Should you have any questions regarding your application, please contact Karen Poapst, Manager, Corporate Services, via email at kpoapst@canadagames.ca or by phone at 1-613-526-2320, ext. 2703.

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